Locación: Puerto Montt

Located in the "bosom of reloncaví" the capital of the Los Lagos region stands out for being a port and industrial city, which nevertheless treasures traces of hunter-gatherer groups of 14,800 years ago in the sector of "Monte Verde" and that before the arrival of the Spaniards was home to Huilliches families, but that began to form its current status with the process of German colonization of Valdivia, Osorno and Llanquihue.

Puerto Montt is located only twenty minutes from Puerto Varas, which is why both its airport, bus terminal, marina, and port are an important entry - or exit - point for many visitors to the area. It is also the access road to the Island of Chiloé and the boarding area for navigation to and from Patagonia through the route of the Patagonian Fjords, a trip that sails in the open sea through the "Gulf of Penas", enjoy from the coast of the Corcovado and Magdalena Island national parks, and of course all the marine and avian life of Patagonia, from its dolphins, whales, penguins, petrels, albatrosses and all the fauna that can be seen in a trip of four days and three nights between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales.

It is also in this city where the Carretera Austral begins and that in its first forty-five kilometers houses the Alerce Andino National Park, the Llanquihue National Reserve, with interesting and well-marked trekking trails and access to the Calbuco volcano. Throughout this coastal area is also very important the development of fishing and shellfish collection. Both at an industrial and artisanal level. Allowing access to traditional cuisine in homes and restaurants access to fresh seafood.

Climbing in Puerto Montt

A few kilometers from the city it is possible to find rock climbing sectors. The sectors of Correntoso and Metri treasure various sports routes of mono and multi-length, which have been the result of the work of local climbers. The first owes its name to the Correntoso River and is located at the beginning of the Alerce Andino National Park. It has 3 climbing sectors with various routes between 5.9 to 5.13d or more. The Metri sector is located on the coastal road from Puerto Montt to Caleta Arenas, the sectors of K-27 to Piedra del Jote stand out, where granite and basalt route are located between 5.9 and 5.12b in sports and traditional.


Climbing Calbuco Volcano


2 days
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