Clothing suitable for the activity (first layer set, fleece jacket, windproof and waterproof jacket, trekking pants: consider a windproof and waterproof pants or softshell depending on the conditions and season), thermal jacket, fleece gloves or first layer, windproof and waterproof gloves, warm hat); Trekking boots (stiff sole, higher than the ankle and waterproof); Gaiters (optional, depending on other clothing and footwear to be used; and/or the conditions and time in which the activity is carried out); trekking poles; Headlamp (Important if the itinerary considers starting before dawn, or in winter conditions. Under other conditions it "may" be dispensable); Sunglasses; Backpack (+30L or large enough to carry your personal items plus the ones we provide*); Snack for the activity and bottle of water (minimum 2 liters); Sunscreen (skin, lips).

*Equipment necessary for the itinerary, such as helmet, crampons, harnesses, etc.

Recommended: spare clothes (which can be left in the transport), camera.

We can also rent some equipment if is needed.

Consult or make the checklist for more information or advice on the selection of equipment!

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