Hiring a mountain guideHiring a mountain guideHiring a mountain guideHiring a mountain guide

HAE Ltda. founded in October 2009

Huella Andina was born with the simple dream of making a living from what we do. With the idea of ​​sharing with others the experiences that the South of Chile has left in us. We use our experience traveling and climbing with the knowledge of our region and its people to develop experiences. Thus, living in the south of Chile is defined by the close relationship it shares with the natural landscapes. Volcanoes and glaciers define our geography every day, and certainly our way of life. The simple fact of thinking about climbing a mountain leads us to rediscover ourselves on an adventure trip, exploring its morphology, its history, its nature and the people who live there. Because we do what we love, we trust that each of our actions – as a company, guides or people – will be carried out with the best of us. He will be kind, honest and respectful with our guest, with us and with whoever is hosting our trip.

Huella Andina Guides

The Huella Andina guide team is made up entirely of local guides, with all mountain guides being members of the National Mountain Association, but more importantly they are friends in whom we fully trust and we are proud to work with them.
Huella Andina is a registered trademark of HAE Ltda. 2009 – 2024
A family business that offers a professional service in adventure trips in the south of Chile.